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Journal Entry No. 2 from The Tour:

A run down of a week in the life of the PGA Touring pro goes something like this:

Sunday Night: Travel day. If you played the previous week and made the cut, you will either fly to the next event Sunday evening or wait until Monday morning.

Monday: The day might begin with an early practice session or work out for me.

I also usually try to play in the Monday pro-am which is usually filled with the second-tier players and Q-school grads. It is a good opportunity for a rookie to see the golf course and also meet some new people in our amateur partners. Monday after the pro-am, I will practice a little more on those aspects of my game that I felt lacked a little something during the round.

Tuesday: Tuesday is usually just a day for a practice round. The course will be open to all of the players all day. There may be a shoot-out which uses a couple of holes in the middle of the day, which only the marquee players will be invited to play in. For the most part, for me, it is my second and last opportunity to see the golf course before play begins on Thursday.

Wednesday: Wednesdays are reserved for the pro-ams that feature the top-tier players. The golf course will be closed to play to everyone else, so Wednesdays are usually spent working out and trying to fine tune my game as I get ready for the first round on Thursday.

Thurday-Sunday: Competition days - just suck it up and take what you have that week to the course and try to get it in the hole.

I have just gone through the first three events of my PGA Tour career. I felt as though my play was mediocre in the first event in Hawaii by making the cut and finishing tied for 53rd. Since then I have struggled with my driver and my putter and have missed two cuts in a row. I only missed two cuts all season last year on the Hooters Tour so I am a little bit frustrated. The fact of the matter is that it is a long season and you just have to take one tournament at a time out here. It only takes one or two good weeks to have a good year with the kind of money that is out here. I have my goals set very high however and that seemed to work at Q-school so I am sure it is only a matter of time before I begin to achieve the kind of success that I expect.

Hope all is well back in Michigan. Good luck and great golfing to everyone.

--Jason Buha

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