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Fall 2016 Issue
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Inside the Fall 2016 Issue

4 - Q & A with Ryan Brehm, Web.com Tour's Newest Champion
- By Terry Moore

7 - The Berry Patch - By Jack Berry

10 - The Kids are Coming! - By Bill Shelton

13 - Black Lake Golf Club and the 'House' that the UAW Built - By Susan Bairley

17 - For Its Creators, A Dream Nearly Realized, Then Gone - By Susan Bairley

17 - Nick Aune Rolls Out the Red Carpet at Black Lake - By /Susan Bairley

19 - Innisbrook: Championship Golf, High-end Amenities . . . and Fun for Everyone
- By Chris Lewis

24 - Ludington – for Great Golf and So Much More - By Susan Bairley

30 - Slice of Life: - By Terry Moore

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