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Jan./Feb. 2002 Issue

  • Head for the hills. THE SANDHILLS! - by Thad Gutowski

  • Why would anyone want to quit golf? - by Craig Brass

  • 2002 Ontario Golf Guide - by Art McCafferty

  • New Course Sneak Preview for 2002 - Hawk's Ridge and Hawk's Eye - by Art McCafferty

  • Golf Shows Continue to Flourish - by L'anse Bannon

  • Your Old Kentucky Home - by Art McCafferty

  • George Zimmermann New Vice President at Travel Michigan

  • 2002 Indiana Golf Guide - by Art McCafferty

  • MGCOA Conference - by Art McCafferty

  • South Carolina Golf-Great History, Great Courses - By Bernice Phillips

  • 20 Years of the Michigan Golfer - by Art McCafferty

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