January 2000 Issue Issue Michigan Golfer Magazine
Golf Show 2000 Issue

From the Editor - Terry Moore

Class of 2000 -- Bring your Game into the 21st Century - by Kelly Hill

Jim McLean Golf School Makes a Great Gift - by Kelly Hill

Business Profile: GVSU's Sack: Golf Man on Campus - by Tom Cleary

Q & A with Jason Buha - by Terry Moore

Around the Globe for Michigan's Gillis - by Jack Berry

Cadillac Golf - by Don VanderVeen

Teachers of the Decade - by Jack Berry

Mental Golf: Creating Golf Confidence - Dr. Winters

The Importance of Stretching - by Paul Geisler

Arizona Golf: Mother Nature's Perfect Canvas - by Mike Duff

Michiana Golf--So Many Courses, So Little Time - by Art McCafferty

Ontario -- A Bridge Not Far by Art McCafferty

January 2000

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